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Pure Nature. Sound Science. Rich Life. Because our premier essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, and backed by cutting-edge scientific research and development, we are proud to share them with you and those you care about.

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Using confocal fluorescence microscopy, we visualize living human cells and subcellular organelles both before and after exposure to Améo Essential Oils.

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Inhaling essential oils using one of our diffusers is one of the easiest ways to become better acquainted with them and enjoy their benefits

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We use only the most potent and pure botanicals available anywhere in the world for our targeted single oils.

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We’ve harnessed the valuable qualities of Améo Essential Oils to create an array of useful Améo products that can be used in everyday life


The human genome is made up of tens of thousands of individual genes, which affect our response to various environmental factors. Améo Gene Expression (AGX) products employ essential oils that promote positive gene expression for various types of users.

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