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The Zija Miracle Foundation was constructed to make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need of assistance around the world. We’ve combined forces with our Distributors to collect donations and supplies for diverse service projects aimed at giving back. The Zija Miracle Foundation has sponsored numerous service projects since its inception—whether it be painting an abused-women’s shelter in Mexico, erecting a second floor expansion for an orphanage located in Northern India, or making repairs to a damaged school building for students in Jamaica.

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Our Work

We’ve reached across the globe to donate supplies, participate in service projects, and ultimately help those who need it most. Since we began, the Zija Miracle Foundation has made trips to Mexico, Northern India, and Jamaica in order to assist women in an abused-women’s shelter, students at an underprivileged school, orphanages, and many more. Countless supplies were donated and volunteers repaired numerous damaged buildings for these groups.

Getting Involved

As a Member of Zija Nation, you have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and make a difference by accompanying Zija International on one of many Zija Miracle Foundation service trips. By attending one of these trips, you will immerse yourself with the locals in the most powerful way possible—through providing them with a much needed service. Any Zija Distributor passionate about being part of this experience must qualify for a Diamond Incentive Trip.

Ways To Donate

Contributing to making a difference with the Zija Miracle Foundation isn’t limited to attending a service trip—you can help facilitate change right from the comfort of your home! You can make a monetary donation straightaway by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button below. Zija Members also have the opportunity to present a cash donation at Zija Summit events and can participate in charity runs like the Zija Miracle 5k.

Zija Meal Packs

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The Zija Miracle Foundation is able to give so much and positively affect so many lives thanks to the members of Zija Nation who give generously of their time, money, talents and efforts. This kindness has made it possible for us to collect donations and supplies for service projects and improvements that are helping others around the world.

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