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Takuro & Eiko Kamimae

Black Diamond
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“Over two years have passed since I was first introduced to Zija in October, 2010. At first I was just hoping to see improvements in some health problems that I had at the time; It didn’t take long to realize that Zija’s products were more than I ever anticipated. They are the perfect way to add balanced nutrition to our lives every day. Since then, I have shared my story with family, friends, and those I care about most.

I am deeply grateful to my team members; the Rank of Black Diamond could not have been achieved without their commitments, daily actions, and endeavors.

I am committed to seeking the true wellness with my team members as we all try to achieve the following goals:

  1. Take in proper nutrition
  2. Have a healthy and active lifestyle
  3. Pursue our personal growth while training the future generation
  4. Commit ourselves to achieve time and financial freedom

I believe that all of the above constitute Life Unlimited. In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Naoko Kamijima, my Upline leader, Karino, General Manager of Zija Japan, the corporate staff, the Japan customer service team, and everyone who walks along with me.”