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Colli Butler

Triple Black Diamond
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“Colli Butler first got started in network marketing when she was 18 years old. But when things got tough, she quit. Why? Because she didn’t have a WHY. She was making great money as a telephone installer with a phone company. But years later, when life got hard, Colli found herself as a single mom with two small children and wanted desperately to be a stay at home mom. So, this time when network marketing came back into her life she treated it like a serious business, because it was.    

Colli spent 5 years learning the skills; reading, watching videos, going to events. Then one day she learned a Million Dollar Secret. It was all about the numbers.  She was taught that if you just talk to 10 people a day, about your product or your business, and stick to it, you will achieve success. And Colli committed to it. Within 6 months of learning this one simple success secret, she was earning a five-figure monthly income.  

That company didn’t last so Colli joined another, and again, with the same success secret, she accomplished the same thing within 6 months. But that company didn’t last either. You see, Colli had learned the secret of talking to 10 people a day, but didn’t learn how to pick a company that was going to be around for the long haul. To create a legacy income, you need a legacy company.  

Colli learned not to be persuaded by hype, not to go with fads or “me too” companies, but to look for a Legacy company. She became a “professional story teller”. She learned that if you have a great story and you tell it often, you will achieve whatever level of success you desire.  It’s all about the numbers. And the commitment.  

Colli was eventually led to a company where she spent 7 years and built a business in excess of 100,000 distributors. And then eventually was led to XANGO. Colli built a team of more than 1 million distributors in more than 40 countries. And she became one of the top earners in the industry.  

Now, nearly 15 years later, Colli was thrilled to learn that XANGO became part of the Zija family. All of the XANGO founders were rooted in Ken Brailsford. There were so many parallels that show knew this was “meant to be.” While Colli loved her XANGO family, she has already fallen in love with the Zija family. Because with the marriage of XANGO and Zija, of the Mangosteen and Moringa, Colli is telling the greatest story of her career.  

Colli has embraced the Zija opportunity, and has hit the ground running. Triple Black Diamond is just a stop along the way. When you are at the beginning of a Second Wave, you can set your goals low or set them high. And she has her eye on the prize. And nothing will stop her.  

Colli believes nothing is impossible. She has proven that throughout her personal life and her professional life. If you dare to dream, and are committed to taking action, nothing can stop you. Zija is at the beginning the Second Wave. Nothing is more exciting. It’s go time!"