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Doug & Amy Stroup

Black Diamond
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“We are so blessed to have been introduced to such a powerful company and opportunity by Mike and Lena Livingston in July 2009. What an amazing journey this has been! Zija is a direct answer to our prayers for better health and finances due to the fact that we were financially in survival mode at the time. Initially, we were intrigued by the tremendous track record of Ken Brailsford and of Moringa oleifera. After having heavily supplemented for years, we were ready to simplify. We took the SmartMix daily and our pain levels and overall feeling of well-being improved drastically! We quickly realized that this was addressing our physical issues by delivering the nutrients our bodies require, and we simply could not keep it to ourselves.

We were compelled to share our story with the world. Soon we had others joining our efforts and duplication began. As we have plugged into the system and trained others to do the same, our team has grown. Together we have continued to reach higher levels of success. We have experienced incredible results both from a health and from a financial standpoint because of the power of Moringa and our excellent team. We totally believe that as you help others achieve their goals, you will reach yours. Keep your focus on others and your success will naturally follow.

Having achieved the rank of Black Diamond has brought about lifestyle changes by giving us the time freedom that comes with financial freedom. We have been able to go on cruises and travel with our family rather than leaving them behind. In addition, our physical and financial needs are being met. Having been in survival mode before, it is really nice to have these needs taken care of as a direct result of building our Zija business. We are also seeing some of the things we have had on the back burner of our minds and hearts becoming reality. Through teamwork and consistent efforts, Zija is the vehicle that will get anyone where they want to go.

We are so thankful to Mark Mandela for believing in Amy and helping her in the beginning to get our business started. Thanks also to Fred Holmes, Phil Jakobson, Jiri Hradsky and David Moses for all of the time and efforts you have invested into us to help us experience momentum and massive growth. You guys are amazing business partners! When you find the right business partners and put forth consistent effort, doing the right activities daily, you will be able to achieve your goals and aspirations. Zija already has all of the components in place for anyone to be highly successful, both from a product as well as a financial standpoint.

Find the right partners that want to pedal fast with you and together you can achieve top leadership levels. See ya at the top!”