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Dwayne Dyer

Diamond Elite
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“Dwayne believes in the universal law of attraction! Zija International put out the message to the universe that they wanted to Catch the Second Wave, and boy did they catch a Tsunami with the recent addition of the XANGO Corporation! Dwayne and Melody could not be more excited to be a part of Zija at this exciting time in their history! This is the 3rd company that Dwayne has worked with that Ken Brailsford has founded. Dwayne first ran the International Operations with Nature’s Sunshine Products. He oversaw NSP’s international subsidiary operations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Revenues increased substantially during his administration, and under his direction the international division became the highest performing financial division for Nature’s Sunshine.

Dwayne next co-founded Enhanced Living International, and in 1992 successfully merged his company with Enrich International. As VP of International Sales and Marketing, he focused his efforts in the Asia Pacific Rim, including Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia. Sales increased substantially and Enrich International was named the 65th fastest-growing privately held company in America by Inc. Magazine. Dwayne later joined Team Paragon, the largest global distributorship of Enrich International, as a Partner.

In 2000, Dwayne joined Excel Communications as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for European Operations, with annual revenue exceeding 1.8 billion. During this capacity, Dwayne was the recipient of the Excel Super Star Achievement Award for exceeding new market expectations in the United Kingdom. Excel was recognized by the UK Direct Selling Association as the fastest growing company ever in the history of the United Kingdom. Dwayne next joined the Shaklee Corporation as a senior executive, a well-respected leader in the industry. In this capacity, he was responsible for planning and executing all company sales and distributor sales and marketing programs.

During his tenure at Shaklee, he received a telephone call from his long-time friend and business associate, Gordon Morton, who asked him to help launch a new company called XANGO, as their Master Distributor (front line to the company). Dwayne’s XANGO organization eventually exceeded 2+ million distributors in 43 countries. His XANGO titles included 500k Premier Select (top achievement level), Sweet 16 Premier, XANGO Legend, Multi-Million Dollar Club Earner, Emissary of Life, Hope and Goodness. Dwayne was honored at the 2010 National Charity Awards in Washington, D.C., for his charitable contributions to global children’s organizations.

Dwayne has been a featured speaker in 36 countries, and has authored several key training and educational materials including “Go Time Training”; “Path to Premier, The Compensation Plan Explained”; the audio CD “Maximize Your Income”; the audio CD “The Gift of Finance”; the booklets “Think Global, Act Local”; “The Fifteen Second Kiss” and a DVD training tool titled “The Best of Dwayne Dyer”. He recently published a book titled “Mastering Network Marketing” (available at both Amazon and Sound Concepts) and donated the proceeds from the sales of more than 5,000 copies to a children’s charity, the PCD Foundation. Dwayne’s materials have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Russian. He has been featured in several publications.

Dwayne’s business philosophy is very simple: he believes in servitude leadership. “If you want to be successful in this industry, wake up each morning, take a shower and beginning thinking of 5 people who you can best serve this day. Uplifting others through works and words of kindness is the heart of our people to people relationship business. Learn how to edify others well and you will discover success in this industry.”