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Joanne McMahon & Bob Decant

Black Diamond
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“Bob and I have been in the network marketing industry for quite awhile. The team that we have put together over the past few years and the business relationships that we have made have created a synergy that made the decision to join Zija International a very easy one. People ask us all of the time: ‘When are you going to retire?' How can you retire from something that you love to do? We get a real kick out of building teams of winners. People really want to win for their families, and network marketing is a great way to do that.

For the past 25 years, I have always had a place in my heart for health and wellness. We have never looked at it as a business opportunity, but when it was recently presented to us, we decided to check out a few nutrition-based companies. Zija International was the perfect fit.

Our business philosophy is to get all of the facts and make decisions based on them. We have always made decisions in network marketing based on the idea that anyone can be successful if they put in the effort. That being said, the business also needed to be easy enough to teach to others.

Over the past few weeks, we have been fielding phone calls from new Distributors and customers about the Zija product line. The best testimonies are coming from people that I know, people who are extremely truthful with me and will, without a doubt, give their real opinion. I am hearing so many unique stories of people feeling better, sleeping better, and losing weight for starters.

The Zija opportunity is still very new to us, but we are excited to know that there is a great support system at the Zija corporate headquarters. From the customer service department to Zija University in the Back Office to the marketing library and all of the great videos and testimonies online, there are plenty of ways to learn and grow. We also have a great marketing website for new Distributors looking to start a Zija business, and where customers can easily place their own orders.

Bob and I have been around some great people in this industry. We have learned so much and are still learning today. We are where we are because of hard work and the will to win! Our success is because we have people on our team who believe that ‘failure is not an option’. Zija Strong!”