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Kevin and Nadia Brassell

Diamond Elite
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"Diamond Elite - an elusive goal for a few seasons now, as it has been for many! We are so thankful for the veteran networkers before us & our persistent peers alongside us. We celebrate your successes too! Thank you Crossline Cousins! Big tip: ADOPT! Take in family members from all directions. In the beginning it may be upline, downline & crossline, but over time it's just partners! People helping people get off the "sidelines" of life & in the game!‬ ‪

Recruiting. Training. Leading. We've heard Ken Brailsford say it, 'Never stop recruiting!' As we continuously share the Moringa Message, we also drive duplication assisting team adventures. However, we've gotten more 'not yets' in the last 6 months than we have in 40 years living out the search of our YES's & best friends! So 'Go for NO!' NEW recruiting allowed us to "burn it from the bottom" creating NEW enrollment tree volume building teams within teams helping new friends rankup, creating new markets while assisting others into the Diamonds! An ELITE WIN! Team success has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with WE! We are simply blessed with a great WHY, team & family - all focused on serving!‬ ‪

Serve up an expert for your prospects & BE the expert for YOUR TEAM! Listen. Don't be a salesman. Don't pounce too soon! Sometimes we have presentations, when we should be having conversations! Simplify. Listen. Be a problem solver & a solution provider hearing what the underlying issue is as it may not be what was heard at a glance - then CONNECT! Foster relationships & help them understand - YOU are the leader they are looking for & when partnered with your team, vision & movement... TOGETHER, you can conquer ANY issue! Then remember, 'In the beginning, if we do more than we're paid to do, eventually we'll be paid for more than we do!' Meaning, don't be afraid to give in the trenches, get into living rooms, grow to know people breaking bread at the kitchen table where iron is sharpened & Diamonds are brandished! ‬ ‪

I thank God for my brown-eyed girl Nadia for helping me along the way with my hyperactivity & pointing me in the right direction DAILY. Now, this lifestyle has allowed us to expand our little family - 'Miller Nash Brassell' - another Zija baby living Life Unlimited with YOU! We rediscover ourselves, our family, our purpose & calling alongside our children daily! Network marketing isn't something we "do" now, it's a part of who we are. As we live 'Young & Free,' traveling the world helping people, it comes out naturally in all we do & say! So don't just get in the business - let this business get in YOU! Master the arts: RECRUITING, TRAINING, LEADING. Then DUPLICATE! Place your finger on a rank - name it & claim it! Then on a map - pick YOUR Bora Bora! Select your Island! Choose your LIFESTYLE! Thanks Zija Nation! Now let's go together & GROW together leading from the FRONT in this Life Unlimited Movement! #ZijaLUM‬"