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Dai Cho

Triple Black Diamond
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"Without a moment’s hesitation, I know that Zija has blessed me so much in terms of personal development and finding the true meaning of life here on the earth. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to this prestigious company by David Moses on the 20th of December, 2010; since then Zija has been widening my horizons and deepening my insight. It has been, and continues to be, a doorway for blessings.


First of all, I am very much indebted to David for his mentoring and coaching, which has been critical in leading me to where I am today. David has been my 100% positive mentor who taught me that this company has been built on the universal principles of honesty, humility and integrity. Ultimately, these principles have become my personal criteria in pursuing goals and recruiting people to the Zija business.


I also appreciate all the efforts that Ryan Palmer, Rod Larsen and Jarom Dastrup have rendered to me. They have been willing to help me and encourage me to achieve progression in Zija all this time. I’d like to especially extend my special appreciation to Ryan Palmer, who has encouraged me and showed me the ropes of genuine leadership.


Most of all, I’ve come to know that in Zija, there is a simple formula for success that I know a lot of you have already grasped. It is that if you sincerely help others achieve their goals, in the end, your goals will also be realized along the way. On the flipside, if you do it all for your own gain, you will be bound by negative results.


In closing, I am so grateful and proud of my globally-located Top Eagles team leadership, who lead the van of 'GO Zija Nation GO!' I thank each one of you for supporting and tolerating me despite my personal weaknesses. I know with certainty that you are the best of the best, at the forefront of the ‘Life Unlimited Movement.’ I hope to see you all at the stage of Zija Nation soon!"