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Dee Hutchins

Double Black Diamond
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“No one can get to a position like this without the help of many other people! There are so many folks to thank, but I must begin with Ken Brailsford. Your wisdom and guidance have impacted so many. When I began this business four years ago, I thought it might lead to some extra money, possibly $100 a week or so if I were lucky; boy, was I in for a shock! Over time, this ‘Plan B’ has turned into an incredible ‘Plan A’!

One thing I must mention is the fact that I was 43 years old when I learned about Zija and network marketing from a former student of mine, Mr. Johnnie Green. What a tragedy to think that I could have gone my entire life and never known that this profession even existed!

This honor truly is shared with my wife Sharon! Without her, I could not run this business successfully. We both have grown together as a couple over the past four years, and I attribute this to personal development. By learning new philosophies, I have found the courage to stay in the game and keep moving forward. I can say, without reservation, that if YOU don’t work on YOU, there will always be a lid holding down your ability to rise to your true potential.

I am very fortunate to have found some solid leaders to work with. These guys have pushed me to heights that I never thought possible: Mr. Jon Charles (Platinum); Mr. Chris Crain (Diamond); Mr. John Morris (Triple Diamond); Mr. Charles Hutchins (Gold). My Sponsor, Mr. Chris Estes, has been an inspiration, as has Mr. Mike Sims.

How did a full-time high school history teacher, part-time college professor, and full-time husband and father of two become one of the top income earners in Zija International? All I did was follow some simple advice to work on myself as much or more than I work on my business, and to stay consistent. I was almost too stubborn to even give this business a serious look, but I am so thankful that some of my friends cared enough about me to keep pushing me in the right direction!

I wish everyone the best, and please live life to the fullest each and every day. May God bless us all!”