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Linda Proctor

Double Black Diamond
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"When I was first introduced to network marketing I wasn’t sure what to look for, so I looked for a mentor. I looked for someone who was successful but also someone who really understood the business and was still actively building. That worked out very well and I enjoyed immediate success.

Last year, after 21 years in this wonderful industry I found myself looking for a new home. This time I knew exactly what I was looking for and after interviewing a few different companies I found it with Zija. After speaking with the owner, Ken Brailsford, Senior Management and reviewing the products I knew this was THE company!

Good products; products that are consumable, health related and that would positively impact peoples lives was first on my checklist. If we truly want a residual income from this business the products and their impact on people’s lives is at the core of why people around the globe will order these products month in and month out. What I liked about the Zija products was not only the science behind the products but also their uniqueness and the variety. Truly there is something for everyone. Frankly I would have a difficult time picking my favorite product, I like them all. I wake up and drink my SmartMix, I use Ripstix Recover whether I work out or not, I love the skin care and am learning to use the oils! I truly love everything and I’m constantly finding myself recommending products to everyone I meet, which is definitely a different Linda. In the past, I was all about the business and never really fell in love with my company’s products the way I have with Zija.

At my age, and trust me, I don’t consider myself old but I’m not looking to build again and so I wanted to find a company that “has its act together” corporately. A company that kept its focus and looked out for all of our businesses with their philosophy, culture and strategies. Again, Zija is top drawer in this department.

When I was in sales management many years ago, my responsibility was to recruit, train, motivate and retain. That’s what we do here but with one addition, we need to insure that we have a system and that system is duplicating. So, whether you’ve been in network marketing for a long time or just starting we all have to do the same things to build a business. We have to reach out to folks offering them the opportunity to benefit from these great products and from this equally great business opportunity and teach them to do the same. We have to educate not only our Distributors but also our customers so that they truly understand what we have here and so that they can fully benefit from what Zija offers!

After 22 years I still wake up every day excited about what I do. We make a difference in people’s lives with our products and our business opportunity…and that is very satisfying work!"