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Reid & Yvonne Nelson

Triple Diamond
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"This is the 5th company that we have been involved with in our network marketing journey. Our first adventures in the industry were definitely learning experiences. We learned from some of the best there is in this industry. We were always taught the same basic truths, work hard, talk to lots of people, keep it simple, be teachable, and Duplicate what works.

The most important thing that we had to do however was to grow personally. We read a lot of great books and listen to positive and influential people through cd's and other media, attend every event possible, and plug into our active Upline leaders. In the first 13 days, Yvonne has been taking the XMam, and the Teas, Yvonne has been able to see notable weight loss. Reid has seen a great results with the SuperMix. The Améo essential oils have provided a great relief in many instances in our Downline and their customers. We believe in the Philosophy of living Life Unlimited, and want to help our people to live as we have lived for many years. Freedom is the ultimate life experience.

We are moving quickly to build our Team, so that they can benefit physically and financially from all that Zija has to offer. This is all about the team, and team success. We are grateful to have found Zija at this time in our lives.

We have had 3 things that we have always talked about in our career. 1) We want to make money, for our people as well as ourselves. 2) Have Fun while we are working, 3) Help people physically and financially. We have always said that if we can do all 3 of these things, it just can't get any better than that. With Zija, we can do all 3! Thank you Zija for this great opportunity, and for welcoming our team and us."