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Barry Daulton

Black Diamond
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“A few years ago Robbie Davis came to my office and shared information about a company that he said was changing people's lives. I was curious, but not convinced. I was already trying to juggle around 20 different businesses and thought I was too busy for anything else.

Robbie was very persistent, so I decided to start using the products. I saw significant results in just a few days. After my pain diminished, my wife decided to try the weight management program and had great success as well. She has lost fifty pounds to date! At this point, I couldn't keep these products to myself!

Because I was so busy, I adopted the idea that I could not just go do Zija, but I would do Zija as I went. The last few years have been amazing. My life has been changed physically, financially and maybe most importantly emotionally. I was so wrapped up in the negativity of the business world that I had lost some of my enthusiasm. I knew nothing big was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. Now I get to surround myself with positive people.

Robbie Davis, Chris Estes and many others have been great mentors and leaders, and I have a fantastic team of partners. I thank Mr. Brailsford for his vision and leadership, as well as the entire Zija team for all they do. This business has given me choices that I thought would not come around for years. These choices are truly allowing me to live Life Unlimited! I have built relationships that will last a lifetime.

What a blessing to be changing people's lives as a part of ‘Zija Nation’.”