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Jason & Yvette West

Black Diamond
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"First I want to extend my gratitude to Ken Brailsford, Ryan Palmer, Dr. Plant, Jarom Dastrup and the EDS team for all they do to serve and support Zija Nation. I’m grateful for my wife, Yvette, my mentors Chris Estes and Dee Hutchins and the wonderful team that I get to serve. 

I was introduced to Zija in May of 2011 and decided in late June to start sharing these products. I quickly became a fan of the XM+ and later the benefits of Ripstix Supplements Recover. Being a former middle school teacher, high school coach, Ironman tri-athlete, parent and husband, I've learned all too well every destination in our journey requires a team of committed people. Through those experiences, I've always taken a hard look at the man in the mirror and realized it was my attitude, mindset and actions that would get me to the next destination. 

With that philosophy applied in our team, I knew if you build the people they will build the business as long as you put people first by creating a win-win culture. Zija has been an incredible vehicle for my family and I over the last 6 years, but the best part has been overcoming adversity in order to experience and discover the fruit of living a disciplined life."