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Sandi and Ed Cohen

Black Diamond
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We are both graduates of Temple University in Philadelphia. Sandi had a degree in Elementary Education and Ed a degree in Pharmacy. We had 5 pharmacies and a medical supply company in urban Philadelphia. After selling our medical supply business to a group of accountants and attorneys who defaulted and did not pay us, we were financially devastated and moved to the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona to rebuild our lives.  It took eight years for our case to get to a judge and we eventually won a small settlement. But, the only winners were the attorneys. We were dead right, and now dead broke and $450K in debt.


It was then that we were re-introduced to the profession of network marketing. After 3 years and 11 different companies, we found our first home. Zija is only the third company in 24 years that we can call home.


We came to Zija, after almost 15 years with XANGO, as a result of the alignment. We are blessed to have the opportunity to continue to help people with their quest for optimum health as well as increasing their financial situation.  Everyone deserves to life the life they want to live.


Success happens with belief, mindset and the willingness to continue to improve both personally and professionally.  It only took us 4 years’ full time to be an overnight success. It’s important to understand that success is a journey, not an overnight happening. With the right mentors, no one is left behind. When people also understand the HUGE tax advantages of a part time home based business, they never quit.  WHY not keep more of what you make rather than giving it to the government? Help enough others and we also get what we want. Education is the key to both product and skills.


Living a Life Unlimited means, we have given great value to others. Living longer and healthier and educating others how to do the same is priceless. Our Zija products give people a choice. Staying healthy is a Choice.