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Steven Kang

Black Diamond
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"After just 3 days of drinking a moringa tea I received as a gift from my friend, I decided without any hesitation, on May 10, 2014, to start exploring my first business in the direct selling industry in South Korea. 

Since Zija Korea opened on Dec. 15, 2014, I am still very much enjoying sharing my Zija story and to build this business because I truly believe our product can help and change many people’s lives.

Being an entrepreneur is not going to be easy but I always say to my team, 'If you are really looking for your wellbeing and a Life Unlimited before your given time in this world ends, you have to do something worth and resulting your satisfaction and happiness directly to you and your family, not to your boss or anyone else.'

Needless to say, we are equipped with the best of best business supporting tools and system from Zija Corporate along with a world class product of Core Moringa, Ameo Essential oils, and Ripstix Fitness Supplements, and the rest of our success is up to our goals and skills.

If we seriously look for a better result from our input, we need to have a skill and a habit with an absolute value and principle that can not be changed by situation. Those skill and habit can be ours only when accompanied with a rock hard self-decision and self-recurrent training.

I do believe our future is bright and joyful, and sincerely hope for your wellbeing and financial freedom!"