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Kevin Mullens

Double Diamond Elite
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"Success is a word so often used with hitting a game winning shot, winning a championship or becoming a millionaire. I agree that these things reflect a true champion, but rarely seen are the long hours of preparation and discipline that it takes to achieve such status. I am confident that it's the failures along the way that make us better leaders, or operating well in adversity. I have always said that, when confronted with overwhelming obstacles, the birth of a supernatural promotion takes place and the supernatural hand of Jehovah begins to work miracles. So my advice is much like Macolm Gladwell's book The Outliers. He believes that the greatest success stories were based on doing something for 10,000 hours, whether it be by a musician, an athlete or an entrepreneur. To inspire and motivate the masses, the people must trust you; that trust is gained when they understand that you too have stumbled along the way and your triumph gives them great hope that if you can do it then they can too. Your wisdom offers them a chance to get where they've never been, by following your blueprint–if they are teachable.

The products that Zija offers are, in my opinion, unparalled. Where most companies try to create momentum through just emotion or short-term motivation, I see products here that are helping people tremendously. The products address real concerns. As a Distributor, it feels great knowing that once people are using our Moringa-infused products, the testimonials just start rolling in. These stories create a high retention rate within our company and fuel our growth. That being said, I love that this company helps me deliver a solution to two glaring needs globally today: health and wealth (or income).

In a world starving for extra income, Zija offers regular, ordinary people a chance to create a source of positive cash flow in a downward economy. You have a chance to match your income on a part-time basis by creating leverage in today's marketplace. The health stories are inspiring, but add income stories and you have created a perfect storm and, in my opinion, brought to life a scripture I love found in the book of 3rd John 1:2: 'I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth.' You see, you don't create because you know Him or all that claim to be believers would be wealthy. You create wealth by applying kingdom principles. Of course you could apply these principles in a traditional workplace and it still wouldn't work. Zija allows anyone the chance to sow into someone else's life, and the indirect result of their success is yours. Ken Brailsford has created a company that is more of a ministry than a business. We are dream marketers and messengers of hope in a world in desperate need of leadership.

You will only succeed in the center of your assignment. Your assignment is important because it is the only place God has guaranteed financial provision. Money does not follow you, money is waiting for you at the place of your assignment. God has specifically gifted and designed you to fulfill a purpose. You will discover your assignment when you are solving problems for others. It is there that you'll create a life of favor and wealth! Embrace your destiny calling and start declaring what it is that you want with boldness and authority. If there can be generational curses then there can be generational blessings. To my team I say 'thank you' for letting me be part of your journey. I pray that a season of uncommon favor produces abundance, overflow and increase unlike anything you have ever seen. Thanks for all you do. Thanks to the corporate staff for always going the extra mile and the EDS department for keeping everything running smoothly. A special thanks to my mentor, Paul Orberson, for all of the words of wisdom that help make me a better leader and most of all for your willingness to express your faith in any arena, setting an example for all to follow. Your legacy will live on in the lives of those whom you have touched along the way. Something good is gonna happen. We are just getting started, so watch closely as we empower believers everywhere to dream bigger, do more, and be more!"