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Roger McKay

Double Black Diamond
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“I love the ‘Life Unlimited’ vision of Zija.

The best definition of wealth that I’ve ever heard is ‘one’s ability to fully experience life.’ Words could never express how truly grateful I am for our team members that are out there every day, adding value to the lives of many.

I believe that everything rises or falls on leadership. I see Rising in Rank within Zija as a reflection of team success and leadership more than individual success. It shows that the team is not coasting and that they are on the move toward achieving a common objective; this includes our leaders developing new leaders, who in turn develop more new leaders and build new teams worldwide while achieving their own personal goals and purposes.

The common denominator and beginning of all great achievement is a definite purpose and a burning desire to achieve it. It’s your ‘why?’ and it has to be strong and clear enough to take you from ‘try’ to ‘do.’ To me, ‘try’ means that your commitment is circumstantial, which really isn’t a commitment at all. You’re either committed or you’re not. We need to realize that commitment will always precede great and lasting success. How can you expect anyone to commit to joining you on your journey with Zija when your own commitment is questionable?

It all comes back to your ‘why?’. Your inspiration has to come from within you and it has to be something that you are emotionally connected to. It has to be your dream so that you will be passionate about it. Passion is the firelighter that comes from within and ignites you and those around you. Passion is about finishing. Anyone can start, but not all will finish; winners finish! When the going gets tough, and it always will, that burning desire and passion within you will strengthen your resolve and keep you going through the middle miles and on to the finish when others will have long given up. Passion and consistently focused effort will outperform passionless and inconsistent talent every time.

Bring your desire and a positive attitude to the table, check your ego at the door, be coachable, and we can teach you the skills necessary to succeed and live Life Unlimited! See you at the top!”