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Jessica Phillips

Black Diamond
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“It is difficult to put into words what this opportunity has brought to my life. Not even two years ago, I skeptically became a user of the Zija products. I was not looking to start a career, but when something radically changes your life, it's hard to not share it with the ones that you know and love. From that idea a business was built. I found a few others that shared my passion and had a drive to succeed. We locked arms and, together, began changing lives physically, financially, and emotionally.

I thank God for guiding me through this journey; from the beginning I have felt His presence in this, from the tree that He has provided to the gracious income that has been secured. Because of Zija, I have been stretched and have learned more about myself in the last 20 months than I had during my entire adult life. Because of Zija, I have found the very plant that helps with malnutrition for children who are suffering in third world countries.

This opportunity has allowed us to form a non-profit organization that is nourishing 500 nutrient-depleted orphans and street kids in Ethiopia. Because of Zija's opportunity, Moringa For Many will build a medical clinic in Africa and open numerous feeding and nourishment centers this year. I'm not skilled enough to know what God has planned for my life, but with each step I discover the next on His beautiful path.

We are all incredibly fortunate and blessed to have found a special company, a system that works, and a product line that changes lives. Our corporate staff is dynamite, and achieving the rank of Black Diamond is a collective work that dozens and dozens participated in. To my amazing team: You are the light in this blazing fire that is sweeping and affecting thousands! I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!

I encourage every Distributor to work hard and stay the course. Stay positive and defeat the discouraging moments that lie ahead. I can assure you that success will be around the corner if you don't give up! Have the grit and the determination to achieve great things and don't settle for anything less. If you plant and sow daily, you WILL reap greatly! I am just an ordinary person - a wife to one and a mother to four – but I decided a very short time ago that I would take my ordinary life and do extraordinary things with it. I hope you join me! Let's go and let's grow Zija Nation. Together, great things can be done!”