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Phil Jakobson

Black Diamond
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“Achieving the rank of Black Diamond only comes by way of a tremendous team effort. No one can do this alone. Congratulations to every single worker on the team.

I am currently in New Zealand with Shawn Danaher. We're riding in 700 horsepower jet boats in six inches of water, touring the Lord of the Rings movie set, walking some of the best beaches in the world, body surfing, bungee jumping, staying in five-star resorts, visiting sheep farms, driving on the wrong side of the road, and having the time of our lives! We are living Life Unlimited and so can you! These are all of the things available to anyone who decides to follow the simple, correct, daily activities that have provided a track to success.

I started my life in the trades. I had the good fortune of being sponsored into this industry by a network marketing professional who was a great mentor to me. The systems-based approach of this industry meant that my lack of sales skills was no disadvantage as I started my new career.

I enrolled as a Zija Distributor after my friend David Moses gave me a call telling me to look at something. Dave is one person whom I have grown to respect over the years because he has been an avid student of the industry and has excelled both as a Distributor and as a company owner in the past. Thanks for your help and guidance Dave!

Focus and a definite purpose led to this rank advancement. Having a specific task to complete for the day creates productivity faster than anything else I know. Every week I am trying to nail a specific goal; I force myself to fill in three boxes on a piece of paper on my night table. These three boxes are: ‘whom did I call?’, ‘whom did I show?’, and ‘whom did I enroll?’

Identifying the track that your team needs to run on and being able to effectively articulate it is the cornerstone of creating an effective team culture. A genuine compassion and interest in people helps build the relationships that stand the test of time and solidify your residual commissions. A leader has to be thinking constantly of what more they can do to effectively help their team production and dynamic.

The people responsible for my success are too numerable to mention at this point; that being said, the sheer work ethic, willingness to be coached, and positive outlook of the 2012 Chairman’s Award winner and Triple Diamond (soon to be Black Diamond) Shawn Danaher set a significant standard for the team. He is leading a groundswell of emerging leaders, including: Double Diamonds Mike and Shauna Crane; Diamonds Darrell Anholt and Heather Miller; Emeralds Collin and Verity Brink; Platinums Dianne M., Elisa M., Jerry D., Candice Smiley, and Tara Winsor; White Golds and Golds, including Annie and Remi, who were instrumental in starting the market in Quebec, Canada.

Finally, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of Shelley, my wife of 25 years, as well as our son Tyler and daughter Kristin. I am blessed indeed. My thanks and congratulations go out to our incredible "IDONTTALK" team, not to mention the obvious thanks owed to Ken Brailsford, Rod Larsen, Ryan Palmer, and the rest of the team, including our illustrious Uncle Russ!”