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Ron Golz

Black Diamond
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“Wow, what a ride we’re on. After more than 19 years in the industry and the last five and a half with Zija International, I am more excited today than the day I started. It is indeed the most complete company I have seen in our industry. From the vision and history of Ken Brailsford to the incredible pedigree of our Executive Team to the field leadership of David Moses and the DLC, we could not ask for a more seasoned group of leaders to guide this ship through the momentum we find ourselves thrust into.

Spending 19+ years in the health and wellness segment of our industry, I know for a fact that we have the most efficacious and dynamic products in the industry. It makes it so easy to build when you have products that are truly life changing and provoke such an emotional response with people. For me personally, it has helped me stay healthy and lose 33 lbs. The compensation plan is rich and fair for all, and with the Profit Participation Plan (PPP) I can see that Zija will create the largest checks in the history of this industry.

Network marketing has provided me and my wife Dorothy with the time freedom that comes from working at home. I became involved in this industry because we wanted that time freedom and flexibility to raise our two exceptional children, Christopher and Ashley, as opposed to sending them to daycare or to someone else. We raised them without compromise and have given them educations and experiences around the world that maybe one percent of all families get the opportunity to experience together. Now comes the next season in our lives when we travel the world helping to build Zija into the global giant that it is destined to become.

My passion is in the systems that we have developed that let everyone, regardless of background, education, or experience replicate the success that we are all experiencing. My passion is to help others find what we have found in this industry and unique company. It is no longer about us - it’s about others. The industry has demonstrated to me that if you indeed help enough other people get what they want you will have everything you could ever desire. I am very grateful for all of the quality leaders and new friends that we have on our team around the world and everyone in Zija who has made our mutual success possible.

We’re all having a whole lot of fun, making a ton of money, but best of all we’re helping so many people to do the same. Can you think of a better business? Jump in with us and come along for the ride.

Thank you Zija for providing Life Unlimited!”