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Get to know Zija Summit's Keynote Speakers


Zija Summit is around the corner and we know you are eager to know just who will be taking the stage as our keynote speakers. Zija is delighted to introduce personal growth expert and life strategist Gary Coxe, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Jansen as our Zija Summit Keynote speakers!

Our first speaker, Gary Coxe, is globally recognized for his life changing programs—his goal is to help others live an extraordinary life through lasting change. He is a best selling author of books such as Don't Let Others Rent Space in your Head, has been featured in Success Magazine, Selling Power and many other national publications, and makes regular appearances on numerous television programs such as The View, Inside Edition and Dr. Phil's show, The Doctors. He experienced more tragedy in his first twenty-one years of life than most people will ever experience in their lifetime, and through these experiences he relates to others in order to teach them how to overcome and thrive. Through his programs, he hopes to build greater awareness of everyone's individual capacity to be in control of their emotions and feelings. 

Next up is Dan Jansen, retired American speed skater, multiple world-champion-winner in sprint, and Olympic Gold Medalist. Jansen began his Oympic career after becoming the World Sprint Champion in 1988, and was named a favorite to win the 500 and 1000-meter races in the 1988 Winter Olympics. In his Olympic debut, he fell in both the 500-meter and 1000-meter events, dashing any chances of taking home a medal—but returned four years later for the 1992 Olympics in hopes of making it to the podium. He ended up finishing both events but once again, left the 1992 games empty handed. In 1994, Jansen returned one last time in hopes of medaling—but finished eighth in the 500-meter event with his last 1000-meter event left before the games were over. Defying all expectations, Jansen finished first in the event and won his first and only Olympic medal of his career—all while setting a world record time.

You don't want to miss these keynote addresses, so be sure to register for Zija Summit—we look forward to seeing you there! 

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