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Child eating a bowl of Zija Meal Pack Donation Porridge mix.

Help Us Provide 50,000 Meals


During Period 126 (March 31, 2018 through April 27, 2018) we will be donating 5% of all proceeds from some of our most popular Core Moringa products—SuperMix, SmartMix, XM+, and Plant Protein—to the Zija Miracle Foundation. With the help of Zija Nation, we hope to provide 50,000 meals to those in need!

Additionally, we are launching a limited number of Meal Pack Demo Bag Kits! Each kit includes:

  • 1 Meal Pack Porridge Mix Demo Bag (equal to 8 meals)
  • Sample cups
  • Zija Miracle Foundation brochure

You can purchase the kit through your Member Back Office for $29.95 (25 PV). It's the perfect way to demonstrate the benefits of donating Zija Meal Packs and to be a part of helping the world hunger epidemic! For more information on Zija Meal Pack donations, click here

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