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Host a Private Premiere of "The Stray"


We'd like to invite you to get involved with a special movie called "The Stray," a movie Zija Founder, Ken Brailsford, helped produce. The Stray tells the inspiring true story of a stray dog who appears from out of nowhere just in time to save a family that is falling apart. We have an amazing opportunity for our Zija Members to host your own premiere of The Stray! This is a great way for Zija Nation to engage your current Zija Team, and also recruit new Members. This can be a great tool to build your Zija business.


Q: What is the opportunity?

A: The movie studio releasing “The Stray” is inviting all Zija reps to host a Private Premiere at your local theater, and create an enriching event for your team, colleagues, customers and community.


Q: How Does it Work?

A: The program is simple. The producers’ marketing team, Motive Entertainment, reserves a theater near you, sends you an email that you can send out to invite your guests, and a website where they can RSVP. It’s that easy.


Q: What Are the Benefits?

A: People love to go to exclusive movie premieres. You can use your Private Premiere as a social event to engage your customers/members, and attract new ones, or as an outreach to your local community (churches, schools, civil servants), or to support non-profit orgs. This is a perfect way to “give back” and build the Zija brand.


Q: What is the Cost?

A: The cost of sponsoring a Private Premiere of “The Stray” at your local theater is about $2,000 for approximately 200 seats. You can sponsor all the tickets yourself, or resell them to your network of customers, family and friends to recoup the money.


Q: Are there Additional Benefits?

A: Yes, the benefits include: Your Private Premiere will feature an exclusive message from the filmmakers and behind-the-scenes content. Most of the work is done for you. Motive can even invite your guests for you. You can stand up before or after the movie to welcome and thank your guests. You can distribute flyers or materials at your event. Treat your employees, members, and customers to a movie night to say “thank you”. This is a great way to attract new members and customers and build your database. Easier and cheaper than other efforts used to attract customers (ads, mailers). Build the Zija brand in your community. Generate local media coverage for Zija.


Q: How do people Sign Up?

A: Contact Motive’s Private Premiere concierge at 800-585-1892 or

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