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Chris Cheng, Natural Health Revolution Ambassador, Zija International

Natural Health Revolution Ambassador: Chris Cheng


At Zija, our focus is embracing the Natural Health Revolution—the idea that a better life is possible through naturally restoring the body. To help further the cause, we choose a group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody a Life Unlimited.

These Natural Health Ambassadors serve in this role for up to one year and receive specialized trainings to hold meetings in various markets across the globe. Ambassador Chris Cheng gives us some insight into what Life Unlimited means to him.

Q: Why did you get started with Zija International?
A: When I was first introduced to Zija, I saw two things that attracted me. First, was Moringa oleifera—Zija was starting with what was already best in the world and simply discovering new ways to better utilize the miracle tree. Second, was the leadership at Zija. From Mr. Brailsford to the executive corporate team, I have built a solid belief in these leaders.

Q: Why is living a healthier lifestyle and being a part of the Natural Health Revolution important to you?
A: The Natural Health Revolution is a cause I can stand behind 100% because I know we are saving people’s lives. It has been an incredible experience to hear all the testimonies that have come from people embracing the Natural Health Revolution. It goes so much further beyond just Zija’s world-class products—it also includes the community of like-minded revolutionists that we get to lock arms with and work on something bigger than us.

Q: What does Life Unlimited mean to you?
A: Life Unlimited to me represents a life of choice and freedom. I believe freedom is something that as human beings we all fundamentally seek. To me, being able to live authentically as ourselves, being the best version of ourselves and enjoying life without the limitations of our bodies, our finances, our time—that’s what Life Unlimited is about.

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