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Danny Keeling, Natural Health Revolution Ambassador, Zija International

Natural Health Revolution Ambassador: Danny Keeling


At Zija, our focus is embracing the Natural Health Revolution—the idea that a better life is possible through naturally restoring the body. To help further the cause, we choose a group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody a Life Unlimited.

These Natural Health Ambassadors serve in this role for up to one year and receive specialized trainings to hold meetings in various markets across the globe. Ambassador Danny Keeling gives us some insight into what Life Unlimited means to him.

Q: Why did you get started with Zija International?
A: Before Zija, I was struggling with some health issues and was looking for something to help improve my health. Chris Moore introduced me to Moringa and after hearing so many testimonials all the amazing benefits of the Moringa-based products, I signed up! My health improved immensely, I lost 41 pounds, and I feel like a 25-year-old again. I can just go, go, go. It’s so easy to share the benefits of Zija’s products that the business was just a byproduct of my testimonial.

Q: Why is the Natural Health Revolution important to you?
A: After you see the people involved with Zija and talk to Zija COO, Dr. Plant, about the need for the Natural Health Revolution, you truly want to become a part of the cause! You can’t help to want to help people. Once you see others getting healthy and their lives changing, that alone makes you want to be a part of it and care about what you’re putting in your body. I want to make a global change for healthier food and a healthier world. Help people get what they want and you’ll get what you want.

Q: How does Zija help you live a healthier lifestyle?  
A: Well, to start off, Zija has the best products. The products are life changing, natural, and beneficial—then you start seeing the difference it provides to your body! Zija’s corporate team doesn’t cut corners and they truly care about you and your business succeeding. Zija Founder, Ken Brailsford, genuinely cares about making Zija a legacy company, and he will provide a program and company to back you as a Zija business owner. They give you high quality products and a high-quality company to back you.

Q: What does Life Unlimited mean to you?
A: The idea of retiring and being able to pay for my daughter’s tuition. We can relax at our house, my daughter can go to college, and enjoying retirement is Life Unlimited to me, and Zija provides that for me. Not having to worry about money, being able to provide for your kids, better health, and a solid retirement is what Life Unlimited is all about. Some people have the money, but are missing proper health and energy. But, because of Zija, I’ll be able to have all of that. See you at the top!

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