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XM+ Sales Special


Period 127 (April 28, 2018 – May 25, 2018)

To help extend a warm welcome and to show how much we value our new Zija Members, we’re offering 50% off one of our most popular Core Moringa products, XM+! The nutrient-packed and natural energy-filled product is a top seller that we know you’ll love!

When a new Enrollee purchases a qualifying 150+ PV Enrollment Order and sets up a 75 PV Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip), they’ll receive a 50% discount code to apply towards a purchase of 1 box of Core Moringa XM+. The code will be delivered via email the week following the purchase.


  • Enrollment order must be any purchase of 150+ PV to receive the 50% off discount code.
  • Setting up a Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) of 75+ PV is required.

For complete rules and details, click HERE or visit the "Important Documents" section to the right. 

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