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The Zija Meal Pack Program, Zija International

The Zija Meal Pack Program


The Zija Miracle Foundation was formed to create change in the lives of those in desperate need around the world. Through the generosity of Zija Nation, we’ve had the opportunity to work together to collect donations and supplies for various service projects to give back.

Now, Zija Members have a different type of opportunity to give back with the Zija Meal Pack Porridge Mix. It’s the next step in empowering Zija Nation through giving them the chance to donate essential nutrition and help meet the needs of some of the most impoverished areas of the world.

This Meal Pack provides basic nourishment to those who cannot properly digest solid food due to periods of poverty, famine, and other disasters. It’s effective in meeting basic nutritional needs by simply adding boiling water to the powder mix and provides major nutrients including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. When Zija Members purchase just one Zija Meal Pack, they help feed 20 individuals a much-needed, nutritious meal. 

Through the help of the Zija Miracle Foundation and the amazing kindness of all Zija Members, we know that we can make a difference!

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