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Zija's System Improvements, SuperMix

Zija's System Improvements


Zija has been working on system improvements. We set out to solve one problem, volume accuracy in displays throughout the Member Back Office. In the process of doing that we have also increased performance, making pages load faster and more consistently. We will begin exposing a random 20% of Zija Nation at a time to these new servers, beginning Monday, Aug 28, 2017.

It will be clear to you that you’ve been connected to one of these servers because you will see a limited time “Welcome to Our New Server” message after you login. The message will only show on the main page and will show every time you go there. This is to ensure that all visitors know that they have landed on our new servers. If you encounter any issues while using this new server please let us know immediately by emailing Zija’s Distributor Support team at and putting “New Server” in the subject line. We will be monitoring closely for these emails using them to track problems that may arise.

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