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Meghan Lichtinghagen

Meghan Lichtinghagen


I am Canadian and have been living in Switzerland with my husband, Andre, for almost three years now. My background is in sports—I was an elite gymnast on the Canadian National Gymnastics Team. After that, I pursued other athletic endeavors to try to satisfy that sense of fulfillment, excitement, joy, and challenge that I had with gymnastics. I competed nationally in fitness competitions, I did personal training and coaching, and I even spent 12 years in the corporate world as an application web developer but was feeling so underwhelmed and stuck in life. That is, until I was introduced to the network marketing industry. It changed everything for me and is my new “gymnastics.”


My journey in network marketing began in 2009 when I started working with Linda Proctor. That day, in 2009, changed my life forever. In a previous company I built a large organization, had a great income, and felt we were just getting started. However, in late 2015, it became necessary for my team to find a new home. We searched and searched for our new home with a long list of criteria. Zija became our new home because it was the only company that matched the criteria. We were impressed with Zija. At that time, though, I decided to take a break from the industry. I had just married and moved to Switzerland. In April of 2017 I officially came back to Zija and to the industry. The break made me realize with such intensity how much I love Zija, the network marketing industry, the people, and everything else about it.


My favorite Zija products are ALL of them. I am hooked on Zija. To name a few that I could not live without it would be SuperMix, Vanilla Bean Plant Protein, XMam, XMpm, Premium Tea, GenM 2 Minute Miracle Gel, GenM Repair Night Cream, Lifting Eye Serum, and Ripstix Hydrate. I have not mentioned the Améo Essential Oils because the list would be so long, but I use various oils daily and love them. 


Life Unlimited to me means creating the life you truly want to live. For each person that could mean something different. This business really can give you everything you want in live and if something like this can do that then it makes sense that you make Zija a top priority in your life! Don’t give up, keep learning, keep growing, keep helping others improve their lives, and make a decision that no matter what you are going to do it!


I am so grateful to Zija for everything is has enabled me to do, be, and have. Thank you to the Zija leadership team and the corporate staff for the hard work they do to ensure we can do our jobs well. Thank you to my mentors, my team, and to the amazing people that I work with every day!