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Mary Lou & Larry Rairdon

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About 25 years ago, we looked into the concept of Network Marketing & found it to be the ONLY business model that would provide us with what we were looking for. By working in the nooks and crannies of our very busy lives, we were able to create a Life Unlimited for ourselves and others. 


I was Chairman of the Board of a successful corporation & Larry was in sales & service. Each of us worked 60-80 hrs. a week. We made a good living, but we had NO LIFE. In 2016 we left the previous MLM we were with, because we found Zija had the heart, integrity, and vision we were looking for. Within two days of using Zija’s amazing products, we began to feel the benefits! I knew this was something I had to share with others. People deserve to know they can choose a natural lifestyle. 


Zija and this business model has given us: 

  1. Time freedom. Being able to put our family (children, grandchildren, aging parents, etc.) on our calendar first. 
  2. A great income opportunity. The ability to earn as much or as little as WE want. 
  3. Residual income, a VERY nice supplement for our retirement and growing. 
  4. Our plan of staying healthy and youthful as long as possible has been easier since using the Zija products. 


We are passionate about helping others become FREE from the stress in their lives and offer them hope. We love being a part of this Natural Health Revolution that will change lives forever. Zija is the best decision we have ever made in our ENTIRE business Life.