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Aline Banon

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Aline Banon is native from Moscow, Russia. With a long history of success in the network marketing industry, Aline has trained and inspired many people to reach for and achieve high levels of success in their lives. Being involved at the beginning of the network marketing movement, Alina understood her life purpose at a very young age—supporting people in developing these leadership skills and helping them achieve the success in the life. What would be a better way to do that than in the Network Marketing industry!

After meeting her husband Alain Banon—already a world leader in network marketing—they began working together to achieve huge success in the industry, with top positions in 6 companies and over 150,000 partners. Alina has been in the Network Marketing industry for 19 years now. She was particularly attracted to the idea of Zija and the Natural Health Revolution as a movement for health, wealth, and a happy life! Wonderful products, strong leadership, and a great life opportunity made her decision to join Zija! She feels it is the right moment to take part in the Natural Health Revolution and shares this wonderful message all around the world. Alina applies her extensive leadership skills within the network marketing industry and Zija, helping others build successful businesses and achieve their full potential. Take 100% decision to become professional and enjoy life with Natural Health Revolution!