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Ben Bowers, Diamond Distributor with Zija International

Ben Bowers

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"When I was contacted by my sister Sarah Krehbeil and asked to evaluate the product for her, I was not the least bit interested in the Zija business at that time. In fact, I was very skeptical on the product and business opportunity. However, life as it does, did provide a reason for me to evaluate it further. After a very long time of proving the product did work, and after meeting with my upline and listening to their counsel and coaching, I did decide to engage in the Zija business and have not regretted that decision for a moment! It truly has been one of the best decisions of my life!

My original love of the Zija product line still are still Core Moringa's liquid nutrtional products. I do believe that it has the greatest potential for health and wellbeing for us! I have been blessed as a physician to see tremendous benefits of people consuming the Moringa products! Since that time, with the Améo Essential Oils, I feel that we are able to reach and effect so many more people that we can truly help.

The greatest advice I could give is to truly understand yourself and your own passions. Please understand that fear will always come against you. One of the best concepts I have come to believe in is that we only change due to either pain or our passions! And the two greatest obstacles we have to overcome to change are, pride and or our fears! If you can truly be honest with yourself and be willing to identify these four things – then nothing can stop you from achieving and accomplishing whatever it is that you want to do and are here to do!

Life Unlimited to me, this is the ability to truly do what it is that our Creator has endowed within us to achieve and or accomplish for His Kingdom. We can truly do this if we remove all of the perceived barriers that we have placed around us! Being involved with Zija has allowed me to use what God has taught me in a way that is very beneficial in helping His children!

Finally, I would say that there are very few places that we could invest out time, talents and resources in that will allow us to create a legacy that can be handed down to following generations. This truly is a Godly principle that allows us to teach the next generations this concept of life! May God truly bless you on your journey to accomplishing you God direct purposes!"