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Brenda Cook

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“Before starting network marketing, I was a successful freelance classical musician. Great career, but no pension to speak of. I sought a new way to create cash flow for retirement. Once the global, unlimited income potential was explained to me, I fell in love with multi-level marketing. Ignorance on fire describes my first few years, and yet, I was able to replace my other source of income in a couple years. Since then, have experienced growing freedom, both time and financially, that this industry has to offer. 

It is the long-term wealth and residual income that fascinates me in MLM and this is the business philosophy I encourage others to see. I have stayed with the first company I joined, Zija, and I will remain here. I cherish the relationships I have built with the wonderful, sincere people on my team who also commit to enlarging their financial footprint in this lifetime. We all grow together in the personal development needed to succeed. I am grateful for my sponsor Sharron Sharif who has mentored me through my industry ignorance and provided a solid example of professionalism, never ending patience, advice and team support. 

True confession, I use and love all the products! My health has dramatically improved over the years because of them. Just how old can we grow and remain strong and healthy? With Zija I know I am going to find out! 

Life Unlimited means having the good health, and the financial abundance to be live free from survival mode and able to contribute value to others. Even more, to continue to expand my dreams and reach towards the next levels of success with a community of likeminded people all the days of my life.”