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Gaylene Anholt

Gaylene Anholt

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My husband was introduced to Zija before I was, so when it showed up at home (Darrell was away from home working when he was introduced to Zija)I called him and asked, "What on earth is this Zija?" He said, “Just drink it, it's good for you!” So I have had a supermix everyday for the last 8+ years. This is definitely a staple in our house, along with a multitude of other products.

I had started to grow a business of my own with another Essential Oil company, so when Zija came out with our own Améo Essential Oils, well you can imagine how excited I got!!

Together Darrell and I have 6 grown children and we have 12 grandchildren, so I am thankful every day that the Zija products have helped with my arthritis and such in a way that allows me to play with these Blessings.

We are also very thankful for the Business Opportunity that goes along with this company, PLAN the oilfield in Alberta can be a scary place when it hits rock bottom.

It is our obligation to share Zija with everyone we meet! People are looking for answers to their needs and we have a solution for them.

Share with everyone and what they do with it is totally up to them.