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Linda Conti

Double Diamond
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“To say that Zija International’s Founder Ken Brailsford, corporate staff, and my mentors Amos Borntreger and Kevin Mullens are all a blessing to me and my family is an understatement. I cannot thank them all enough!

My obligations are three-fold: First to God, who has given me the opportunity to reach millions of lives through faith and belief in Him; Second to my family, who makes my ‘why’ much larger than my ‘why not’; Third to my team members, without whom we could not impact millions. I do not take enrollments for granted. Anyone who commits to getting in front of the masses, with a proven system that works, to share this opportunity with passion, urgency and unwavering faith that they know what they know has a promise from us to coach and work hand-in-hand toward building a tremendous Zija business so they can truly experience Life Unlimited.

The main components that contribute to our success are mind, heart and focus. We must get our mind right with a ‘why’ that is much larger than a ‘why not.’ Is it to be debt-free, to have a Plan B, or to live Life Unlimited with a superior quality of life? Whatever it is, define it. We also strive to cast vision, the vision that we must first have ourselves. We know what our dreams are, we know what we will be known for, and we know where we will make a difference.

Our hearts are where they belong. Because we believe that every person who walks the face of the earth needs to know about Zija, we are genuine and we just speak what we truly feel and believe. That unwavering faith that we know what we know allows us to communicate with conviction and passion.

We are focused! We set goals, take action, and don't just dream—we dream big! We set short-term and long-term goals and we set them high! We don't settle! Most importantly, we do not give up on them! With each presentation, our goal is to ‘knock their socks off,’ and we know that the lives that we improve are what fuel our fire.

The last two years have only been the tip of the iceberg. We are Team Infinity and we ‘know no limits!’ We work with a tremendous group of servant leader team members and our goal is to improve a million lives globally. It takes a large team of dedicated, passionate individuals to do that, and the number of people who want to be a part of that mission with us is growing by leaps and bounds. We know we belong to a Higher Order, a Divine Order, a Spiritual Order. We believe that God wants us to soar high each and every day and that is certainly what we do!”