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Tom Ferrier

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“Loyalty, doing your best, and caring for others has always been at the core of everything that we have lived and believed for our 40+ years of marriage and business. We have never shied away from hard work, but we found that hard work didn’t always pay the bills.

We were introduced to many different forms of network marketing over the years. The problem again and again came in the fact that we were in and out of dozens of companies simply because of not understanding what types of companies would help us secede for the long haul. We didn’t want to go from business to business, just on HOPE. For a number of years after so many failures, I was slamming the door on anyone who approached me about MLM. 

It wasn’t until we had some health challenges, when my current mentor shared a product that changed that health concern, then our eyes begin to open and our hearts begin to search. 

At that point, tired of being broke, we were open to being mentored, and understanding the industry. We jumped in all the way and became immersed in that company. I wrote on my rearview mirror in the vehicle, which I drove around all day long, “This is my chance to make a change.” We learned to work smart!

Within a short few months our whole world changed, our business grew even though we had two full time jobs. But life is not without challenges and after a number of years we found ourselves looking to move onward.

We told our mentor, when you find the right fit, please let us know, which they did. We have now had a wonderful 14+ year relationship with XANGO and the mangosteen products, again benefiting our health and 10 of thousands around the world. Learning leadership skills and self-development have been an invaluable part of what we teach others to excel their businesses around the globe. Also, vacationing around the globe with our business partners/friends from around the world has fulfilled so many of our dreams.

We love the new story; we have to share with old and new friends. The marriage of mangosteen and moringa has such extreme power and the combination of XANGO and Zija is unstoppable. We are proud to be part of this legacy in our industry of Network Marketing.”