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Will Weaver

Triple Diamond
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“I am currently living Life Unlimited. I was able to make a decision to work Zija full time at the end of this past school year. I was a teacher of 16 years and a former head football coach. I never thought that this opportunity would have presented itself just 18 months into my journey. Zija has helped me grow personally and professionally, with the mentorship of great leaders from whom I have had a chance to learn. I have come to understand that life is a gift from our creator, and a journey where we have opportunities to help change lives along the way.

I would not be where I am now without great mentors and leaders that have influenced me: John Morris, Shawn Berner, Dee Hutchins, Mike Sims, and Chris Estes. Building a strong business is all about staying the course, being excited, unselfishness, passion, and believing that you are making a difference for others.

My Beautiful daughters Logan, 8, and Abbie, 6, have been my driving force through ups and downs. This opportunity will be a generation-changer for them as it moves me closer to my goal of starting a foundation for single-parent kids. This foundation will involve our local churches, business leaders, and school system. It's not about the money for me; it's about what the money can provide as far as time and financial freedom. As John Maxwell says: ‘Find a way to live after you die.’

The most exciting thing is that my team has only just begun!”