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Curtis Harland

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“My background in business started when I worked and then owned different companies in the construction industry. In 2003 I opened a rental store, which I still manage.

I truly believe in entrepreneurship. I feel fortunate to be able to recognize an opportunity and then study and learn about the industry in which that opportunity is found. When I was introduced to Zija, I saw the perfect vehicle – a company that could bring financial freedom to anyone who truly desires and will work for it.

In my conventional businesses, I was in competition with other contractors. What I appreciate about Zija is that I do not have to compete to win; in fact, I have to help other people win to win.

In our home we have a motto: 'If you say you can, you can; If you say you can't, you can't.’ Friends, you can build a Zija business and live Life Unlimited!”