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Duck Haing Lee & Dong Yun Han

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"Duck Haing Lee and Dong Yun Han’s priority when continuing their businesses, is teamwork. They always made sure that cooperation was present between the sponsors and the partners that worked with them. Having a win-win situation by trying to share their experiences, emotions and information is the number one reason why they achieved such great success.

'We’ve always tried to allocate our attentions to our partners trying to help. At the moment, we’ve made remarkable progress that our partners and teammates would be proud of. This progress is the button of success that teamwork was able to sew in.'

Zija is not just simply a business to both Han and Lee. They believe that Zija is becoming a community that maintains one’s well-being and therefore makes a tremendous contribution to the society.

'SuperMix, of course, has a bigger meaning to both of us relative to the simple health products. It approached us like the last gift that nature is giving us. I believe that SuperMix, a utopia that has everything inside it, finally contains the philosophy and meaning of the universe. It surely feels like the last gift from nature.”

To Han and Lee, Zija means hope. They hope that a lot of others feel that way by meeting Zija. 'After you’ve met the assurance of their products and a certain sensation about them, you can slowly carry on your business, trusting their work philosophy. Dreams will come true, and success awaits you when you’re patient and when you work hard.'