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Gina Freels

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"Teamwork and gratitude are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of my Zija journey. As with anything fulfilling in life, this business takes time and commitment.

When I was introduced to Zija in the early stages of the company, even then I knew that Zija would be a legacy company. Ken Brailsford and the entire executive staff have the knowledge, integrity and experience to make it happen. I love the fact that we represent an honest company with faith-based leadership that truly promotes the four pillars of Life Unlimited, which include health and nutrition, an active Lifestyle, financial freedom, and personal development.

To sum up Zija, it offers anyone the opportunity to enjoy and live Life Unlimited. To some that may be the business model to earn residual income, enjoy time freedom, and help others like I have chosen; to others, Life Unlimited is simply enjoying the products. It feels good to be able to share with people a product line that offers a holistic approach to take care of yourself, to look better, to feel better, to lose weight, etc. People are looking for something that works and Zija works.

I am very proud to have watched Zija grow into the company I envisioned so many years ago. Congrats to Zija for being recently recognized as the fastest-growing company in Utah. Thanks to amazing mentors like David Moses and Karen Hill. Thanks most importantly to our team members. I am moved every single day by the people that I come across through my business that I am blessed to "work" with. I call those people friends AND business partners. Thank you team for allowing me into your life and being able to have a hand in helping you on your journey into Life Unlimited. Teamwork is what it’s all about and helping enough people means you have succeeded in making a difference."