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James McFadden

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"My success comes from multiple sources. Most importantly it comes from my "WHY". Which is my family. The support I get from my beautiful wife Janette and my 6 children, Jalen, Janessa, Jalani, Jacoby, Heavyn and Paris. I use my "WHY" as motivation and as a reminder that quitting is never an option... My "WHY" keeps me focused and running full throttle towards my dreams of a financial free future for my family!

By staying focused on helping others become successful with Zija. I understand that no successful business is built by one person alone. But rather by a group of people headed down the same road with the same vision, focus and goals in mind. I lead with my story and the benefits of what Zija and Moringa Oleifera did for me. I simply share my story and help others create their own story. Once a person has a story with Zija and it's amazing products, whether its their own or that of someone they love and care about, you have a partner for life...

Make it about helping people, not yourself. Don't sell, try and convince or be pushy with people. My only goal when talking to someone about Zija and our amazing products is to share my story and the story of others who have found success. It's about making people aware that this amazing product exist. Once I have done that, I have done my job. You don't have to convince someone that there is something wrong in their life whether is dealing with their health or financially. They already know. The point is they may not know how to help that situation. And that's where we come in with Zija.

When I was first exposed to the Zija opportunity I was looking for a business opportunity. But the person who introduced it to me asked me a question. He asked if I valued my health? And of course I said YES!!! 6 months ago I was diagnosed with stroke level cholesterol. My doctor told me because of how high it was I was also a candidate for heart disease. After taking Zija's amazing products for 2 weeks my cholesterol was back to normal. All the pain I had in my legs and feet were gone. The fatigue I had felt for so long was also gone. At the age of 43 I had the energy and felt like I was 25 years old again. Being a ex-professional basketball player, it was embarrassing to feel the way I did before I was introduced to Zija. I can honestly say I feel like I could go back and play basketball professionally again right now!!! Zija gave me my life back. And in addition to bringing my cholesterol back to normal, I lost 36 lbs in my first 60 days using the product!

I can honestly say because of Zija I have become a better husband to my wife and father to my children. Because of no longer being fatigue and having energy all the time, I am much more active and involved with my family. Its given me the energy and drive to work out and do many things that I had stop doing over the years because of pain and always tiring out fast. It has given me a new outlook on life and my families future. Because of Zija and its amazing products I know I will be around to enjoy my family for many years to come and be healthy while doing so.

Just for everyone to remember this is all about helping people. And by doing so you will help yourself by default. When people know that you care they will follow you anywhere. Also remember, either your going to do something to change your life or life will change you... And sometimes not the way we want it to. Stay focused, set goals and never quit. Do something everyday that will help your business grow. Do the things today that others won't do... In order to have the things tomorrow that others won't have... It's a great life, enjoy it!

I also want thank Ken Brailsford, Rod Larsen, Jarom Dastrum, Ryan Palmer Dr. Joshua Plant and the entire corporate staff for this amazing opportunity. Special thanks to everyone on the EDS team! Sally and the rest of the EDS team are AMAZING!!!

I also want to give a special thanks to an amazing leader, partner, mentor and friend in Tom Waggoner, WOW! Your truly the best brotha! A big thank you to my dear friends who introduced Zija to me, Jim and Gayle Burnett, love you guys! A Super Special THANK YOU to my team, who are my partners and my family! I love all of you!

And the biggest THANK YOU of all, to my family! My beautiful wife Janette and my children Jalen, Janessa, Jalani, Jacoby, Heavyn and Paris... My hearts, my love and my everything!

And last but not least, I would be nothing if it wasn't for the grace of God. I am who I am because he allows me to be. And because of a praying mother. I am nothing without him. All glory be to God. And may God continue to bless our company and this amazing opportunity."