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Marie Nomura

Double Diamond
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“Thank you for helping me achieve the rank of Double Diamond. I would like to give special thanks to my group leaders and members who are highly motivated in this business. I would also like to thank Zija for supporting us in every aspect of it.

In 2012, we witnessed numerous events including the Hawaii Cruise, the International Convention in Utah, the Zija Japan Event, and Best Life 1000. We also had wonderful and elaborated seminars held by Mr. Karino and Mr. Kannari, along with leader trainings and community services. These valuable daily activities with all of you have led me to Double Diamond.

It has been 2 years since I first learned about Zija. Since then, all of my family takes the products as a daily routine, thankful for its blessing to our health. We are determined to create a true bond of friendship through Zija’s genuine products and business opportunity.

This rank advancement was made possible when I visited Utah, where my team members and I had a wonderful experience. Meeting Mr. Brailsford, Mr. Larsen, Japan Customer Service staff members, and leaders across the globe definitely broadened our perspective. We gained confidence in the fact that people around the world truly need Zija’s products and philosophy.

The nation of Japan where we were born and grew up is a beautiful country. Zija provides an opportunity that enables the people of Japan to be healthier and to play active roles in the world market. For this reason, I am determined to create a chain reaction of opportunity by attentively continuing daily routines while keeping my motivation high. I would kindly ask for your continued cooperation.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Naoko Kamijima, who always gives us precise advice and awareness. I would also thank Takuro and Eiko Kamimae for introducing us to Zija and for supporting us with their full effort.”