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Noreen Ziegler

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"I have enjoyed a very fulfilling career in the health and wellness field. As a veterinarian (DVM - Purdue University 1992) and as a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC 2004) I have been blessed to be able to help people AND pets reach their optimum health goals. In 2008, I learned about the amazing attributes of Zija International's propriety moringa based products. Thank you Pat Andersen for sharing this opportunity with me!

As a health professional, I was first impressed with the science, the simplicity and the quality of the products. As I learned more, I was very impressed with the integrity of the company behind the products. Best of all, I was impressed with the RESULTS of the products. My husband, Dan and I enjoy better health now in our mid fifties, than we did in our thirties! We have both retired from our hectic careers and moved to our dream home on a lake in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thru the business opportunity offered by Zija International and our incredible TEAM, God has blessed us with a balance of good health; an active lifestyle; financial freedom AND plenty of time to not only, continue to build our Zija business, but to also enjoy everyday life! A Life Unlimited!"